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John Membrino is the founder and President of  He received a degree in Communication Media from Fitchburg State College in 1983 and worked in the Commercial Broadcasting Industry for the first part of his career.  He also worked for 26 years as a senior analyst in the IT industry; primarily in Massachusetts insurance processing.   In 2012, after a great deal of research and study, he observed that there were almost no non-governmental fuel assistance programs to support families that are working.  John believes that a partnership with these families and local businesses will give them temporary support as they continue to work and grow.


President/Treasurer: John Membrino



Susan Rauseo is currently the Vice-President of and has held a variety of positions in large scale software development firms since graduating from Boston University in 1979.  She currently holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Mathematics and has been involved in engineering and statistical analysis for most of her career.  She is a strong advocate for people that are working towards a better life.


Vice President: Susan Rauseo


Lori Hand is currently the Secretary of and holds a BS in Management from Northeastern University.  She has held a number of executive assistant positions with significant experience in program management and financial analysis.  Lori came to the OilHelp team in 2013 to support fund-raising events and found she had a passion for helping families in need.





Secretary: Lori Hand