It's that time of Year!

October 13, 2014

Hello neighbors!

Here we go already....It's the first full week of October, it's 34 degrees, and the furnace is running full force.

This is the time of year that worries many hard-working families because they cannot afford to pay for heat.

Please join in our efforts to assist these people to keep warm.

One simple way to help is to purchase the "Warm my Heart" Bouquet and send it to someone special.

Just call BLOSSOMS Florist at 978-649-7656 to order this beautiful bouquet.

A portion of the proceeds will help one of your neighbors stay warm. 

John Membrino, President,



 Blossoms florist  beautiful "Warm My Heart" Bouquet

Send it to someone special today and help keep a family warm this winter!

Posted by John Membrino at 12:00 am
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