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A Message from our President

Over the last two years I have met many hard-working people who are desperate to heat their homes. They qualify for assistance but there is no available aid. Many of these families cut back on food and medicine or use space heaters to keep warm. They feel discouraged, alone, and frustrated. OilHelp.org would like to help these people keep warm.

-John Membrino, President, OilHelp.org




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Please help...

If you knew your neighbor was cold right now would you help?

A child is sitting at home cold right now; waiting for her mother to come home from work.

Her mother has to decide whether she is going to buy groceries for dinner or order oil to heat their frigid home.

Should this be happening today?

It does not have to. With your caring and compassion you could improve their life this winter.

Please join us in our fund-raising program by making a donation to this worthy cause.

All of us working together can help struggling families buy the necessary oil to heat their homes.

When you make a donation to OilHelp.org you can be assured that you are helping a family in your community stay warm.


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